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Why there is offer / human verification?

  • We added an human verification due to a lot of content thief bot that keep spamming and abuse our system.
  • You can easily bypass these by complete a simple offer available on your country, this will help protect our server resources and also help us to reduce the server cost so we can continue to give you guys latest version of the tool.

No offer in my region / country.

  • Our system automatically blocked IP from some country that trying to abuse our system. If you are from those country and you are legit users, you can easily change you IP to other country with proxy / VPN. Here is some free VPN for you guys.
  • http://www.hotspotshield.com/
  • https://www.hidemyass.com/

I completed the offer but the page still locked / Stuck at verifying.

  • Some users completed the verification but they don’t understand why the page still locked, it mostly happened when you are filling the form with false info, or you already completed the offer before. ( if you downloaded an Apps before, it won’t works on uninstalling it and download again on our verification page. )
  • You should clear you browser’s cache / cookies, access our website with other browser, try some other offers available on your country or change your IP with proxy or VPNs before yelling at us why it didn’t works for you while everyone else are using the tool without any problem.
  • Everyday, we received a lot of email telling us that they already completed the verification but when we check the logs, they don’t. If you are one of them trying to cheats our system, please leave :)

It show “Private site” when i try to run the tool.

  • Please make sure you enabled Javascript, and disable AdBlock if you are using any of them when you try to use the Online Generator. If the problem persist, you can just download the PC tool from our download page.

Happy Gaming!